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Powerlines, Orphans, Theatre, Aborigines And Poetry In The 30 Dec Mix

December 30th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Community, Interviews, Podcasts

People fighting enormous power lines planned for the Noosa hinterland have had a 3,000-page environmental impact statement dumped on them with not enough time to respond. A religiously motivated Nambour group helps orphaned children in half a dozen poor countries. Noosa Arts Theatre has had an artistically and financially successful year. And a German with a passion for Aborigines runs a very popular website about them. Those were the stories in What’s Going On? on the 30th of December.

“Consultation just a propaganda exercise”

Powerlink, the electricity lines builder owned by the bullying Queensland government, has dropped a nasty pre-Christmas present into the laps of the people resisting plans for a 275,000-volt line from close to Gympie to just outside Eumundi. It would run through the picturesque Eervah Vale, where nature is still pretty pristine; many of its residents have moved into idyllic homesteads for a change of lifestyle. Koala habitat would be destroyed. In their usual steamroller fashion, the seemingly unaccountable Powerlink have left impacted people in the dark, although one rumour has it that building is due to start in January. Diet Simon talked to Jack Connolly, president of PAGE, Powerlines Action Group Eumundi.


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Nambour group helps orphans in half a dozen poor countries

A trip to Israel many years ago fundamentally changed the lives of a Nambour couple, Jesma and John O’Hara. It gave them a passion to deepen their understanding of their Christian faith by exploring its Hebraic roots. They started helping orphaned children, and grew that into a movement that now supports orphanages in half a dozen poor countries with funds raised through Caloundra and Nambour opp shops. They have also attracted quite a sizeable group in Nambour whose religious celebration combines Jewish and Christian traditions.


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Bit of a scandal ahead for Noosa Arts Theatre?

Noosa Arts Theatre has had a successful year, artistically and financially. They’ve had bums on nearly all seats throughout, so much so that people who didn’t book, missed out. In 2010 plays are to get more political and socially relevant. And one might even stir up a bit of a scandal, as the secretary of the theatre association, Margaret Courtney, explained.


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“They don’t share easily, you have to gain their trust”

Poet Jens-Uwe Korff

Poet Jens-Uwe Korff

Australia has pulled Jens-Uwe Korff spiritually all his life. He was born in Melbourne to German parents, who took him to Germany when he was two. Now in his early 40s, he works in Sydney as a web designer for a large media corporation. He is passionate about Aborigines, and his own website is largely devoted to them. At times it receives two thousand visitors a day, many of them students.


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Jens-Uwe also writes poetry. Here is some of it.


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Mark Rodriquez (left) and Diet Simon (standing)

Mark Rodriquez (left) and Diet Simon (standing)


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