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Al Hensley

Blue Monday – Monday 11 am to 2 pm

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A founding member of the station, Al has been presenting Blues on 101.3FM since its inception. He launched “Blue Monday” when the station extended its broadcasting beyond weekends. Al is a veteran Blues musician who played in Brisbane’s Union Blues Band. He continues to play professionally with The Big Easy, a Rhythm-and-Blues band he formed with fellow station members, Jim Toomey and Tad Graham, in 1996. They played for two years with the station’s first President, singer-songwriter, Barry Charles, and have actively participated in many station fund-raising events.

Al has served on various committees including Management, Human Resources, Training and Production. He contributes monthly reviews of Blues CDs for the national Roots music magazine, Rhythms.

Al has a passion for African-American music, especially authentic Blues, of which he has gained a vast knowledge. He has made several visits to various locales in the USA where the music evolved and has strong affinities with Louisiana.

Blue Monday is a unique Blues program in that it covers, as well as contemporary Blues, a wide variety of traditional, vintage and historical material. The format also includes other Blues-based genres from the same melting pot, like Rhythm-and-Blues, Soul, Funk and Zydeco.

There’s always a broad range of music from acoustic country Blues to horn-driven urban sounds, from Jazz-influenced Blues to Roots-Rock inspired styles, and from harmonica/guitar-based music to piano-oriented Blues. You’ll hear legendary male and female singers, Australian Blues artists and also Cajun music, with its roots in the Afro-American/Creole culture. Focusing on the “big picture”, Blue Monday aims to entertain the Blues fraternity with interesting anecdotes on the music, while drawing new fans to this rich musical heritage.

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